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Any Quake Live players here? Looking for tips

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8/21/2016 6:44:58 PM
Posted: 6 months ago
Just got around to finally playing it on Steam after getting it for free.

I only have 3 hrs logged so far, but it's lots of fun. I've already changed my settings so that it's most convenient for me plus the input of what other pros say (weapons around WASD, M2 to jump, etc.). I have 815 ish hours on TF2 and 770 ish on CS:GO so I've had quite a fair bit of FPS experience, so that might attribute to my early success with the gameplay thus far.

I already know of basic movement like rocket jumping (partly from my TF2 days), strafe jumping, and circle jumping (though I'm not as accustomed to these as I'm used to Source movement b/c of kz maps rather than Quake movement, but it's somewhat similar).

Any general gameplay tips? I'm looking to mainly do 1v1s and CA as opposed to gamemodes like FFA and CTF. Ik the most important guns for CA are RL, Railgun, LG, and Grenade Launcher, but IDK what other niche uses other guns might serve.

Thanks! :D
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