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Project: Mafia!

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2/7/2011 11:11:38 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
This as a temporary guide. When the wiki is complete I'll change a few things to match the style then add it. Please give feedback.

Role list:

> Fractions
A01 - Town
A02 - Mafia
A03 - Cult
A04 - 3rd Party

> Voting States
B01 - Normal
B02 - Voteless
B03 - Double Voter

> Town
C01 - Vanilla/Miller
C02 - Cop/Investigator
C03 - Vigilante
C04 - Psychic/Role Cop/ Role Investigator
C05 - Doctor/Bodyguard/Shield
C06 - Reviver/Necromancer
C07 - Lie Detector
C08 - Politician
C09 - Tracker
C10 - Watcher
C11 - Jack of all traders/JOAT
C12 - Gambler
C13 - Fire Fighter
C14 - Lover
C15 - Mason
C16 - Mason recruiter
> Mafia
C17 - Godfather
C18 - Goon/Normal
C19 - Role Blocker/Prostitute
C20 - Recruiter/Converter
C21 - Yakuza
C22 - Framer
C23 - Usurper
> 3rd Party
C24 - Cultist
C25 - Cult recruiter
C26 - Serial Killer
C27 - Arsonist
C28 - Survivor
C29 - Suicide Bomber

> Prefixes
D01 - One Shot
D02 - Day Phase
D03 - Omni Phase
D04 - Paranoid
D05 - Late

1.1 - Roles and affiliations
While playing games with various moderators I've found that many use different definitions to roles. I believe this is due to our lack of an official roles system. What follows is what I hope will become our official role definitions guide.

- All these roles are for the standard mafia form not Electoral College or Kingship Mafia forms.
- This is by no means a guide in which moderators must abide to; moderators retain rights to their own creativity.

> Factions
A01: Town - The town are the main faction, the goodies; their objective is to eliminate all mafia players to win.

A02: Mafia - The mafia is the main opposition party and the prime antagonist faction of the town; their objective is to eliminate enough players to become a majority(>50%) to win.

A03: Cult - The cult is an auxiliary opposition faction; their objective is to eliminate enough players to become a majority(>50%) to win.

A04: 3rd Party - Self interest is a part of role. Their secondary objectives vary but almost always have to survive the game.

>Voting States
B01: Normal – When voting to lynch on a Day Phase your vote is counted as a single vote.

B02: Voteless/Loser - When voting to lynch on a Day Phase your vote is worth nothing. Other players cannot see this.

B03: Double Voter - When voting to lynch on a Day Phase your vote is worth double. Other players cannot see this.

Town Roles(non-exclusive*)
C01: Vanilla/Miller – You're a town member who has no Night Phase action.
Action: none

C02: Cop/Investigator – You can see another player's affiliation every Night Phase. It will appear as GUILTY(Mafia or 3rd party) or INNOCENT(Town) just like a lynch verdict.
Action: investigate

C03: Vigilante – You can target to kill another player every Night Phase.
Action: kill

C04: Psychic/Role Cop/ Role Investigator – You can see a players role every Night Phase.
Action: investigate

C05: Doctor/Bodyguard/Shield – You can stop a player from dying if he is targeted the same Night Phase as when you protect/visit him.
Action: protect

C06: Reviver/Necromancer – You can bring a dead player back into the game.
Action: revive

C07: Lie Detector – You can select a clause stated by another player during the Day Phase and test its viability.
Action: test "[clause]"

C08: Politician – You can make another player vote for another player in the following Day Phase.
Action: (vote) manipulate

C09: Tracker – You can see who another player visits(uses a role on) every Night Phase.
Action: track

C10: Watcher – You can see who visits(uses a role on) your target player.
Action: watch

C11: Jack of all traders/JOAT – You have up to 5 one shot night actions. (Optional Rule: Only able to use one a NP)
Action: refer to definition

C12: Gambler – At the beginning of every Night Phase you have the choice to roll a roulette with up to 6 variables, one of which must be death. You can choose a number which the moderator assigns to a night action; if you live and receive your action, you can use that action on a player of your choice. Your action does not role over into the next night phase, so if you wish to use it you must use it the same Night Phase you rolled.
Action: refer to definition

C13: Fire Fighter – You can target a player to test if they are the Arsonist(C). (Optional Rule 1: Once found the arsonist dies; Optional Rule 2: the fire fighter instead of investigating has the ability to protect players from the arsonists attacks should they be attacked)
Action: refer to definition

C14: Lover – You die if your partner dies. Lovers come in pairs, one of which in
Action: None

C15: Mason*** – You are a part of the masons; you, the mason recruiter and everyone he has recruited are united in a private message. (Optional Rule 1: after you die you may continue to talk as a ghost, you may not however post on the main thread)
Action: none

C16: Mason recruiter*** – You recruit people into the masons, a group of players that can converse with each other. (Optional Rule 1: if you recruit any non-town players you die; Optional Rule 2: After you die the masons dissolve)
Action: recruit

C17: Godfather – You are the leader of the mafia; you select one mafia player every nightphase
Action: use ... to kill ....

C18: Goon/Normal – You are part of the mafia, you have no special abilities.
Action: none

C19: Role Blocker/Prostitute – You are block peoples roles rendering them useless for that nightphase.
Action: role block

C20: Recruiter/Converter – You recruit non mafia players to the mafia.
Action: recruit/convert

C21: Yakuza – You can recruit one non mafia player to the mafia at the expense of your own live.
Action: recruit/convert

C22: Framer – You can make a player appear guilty when investigated.
Action: frame

C23: Usurper – To win the mafia must win the game however the mafia Godfather must be dead.
Action: none

3rd Party
C24: Cultist – A member of the cult.

C25: Cult recruiter – recruits people into the cult every nightphase.

C26: Serial Killer – You can target to kill another player every nightphase.
Action: Kill

C27: Arsonist – You can target to kill another player every nightphase. Your attacks can be blocked by both the fire-fighter and the doctor.
Action: Kill

C28: Survivor – Your objective is to survive the game.

C29: Suicide Bomber – You can kill one or more players at the expense of your own life.
Action: Kill

D01: One shot-
Your role can only be used once. (consult your moderator for issues concerning your roles being blocked)

D02: Day Phase-
Your role can be used on a Day Phase.

D03: Omni Phase-
Your role can be used on either the Day or Night Phase.

D04: Paranoid- ****
Your role is fallible, your results may or may not be correct. Used with investigative roles.

D05: Late-
Your roles action occurs in the Night Phase following your submission.

* Any fraction can have these roles.
** These roles are exclusive to the cult(3rd Party) and mafia.
*** These roles are exclusive to the town.
**** A paranoid player doesn't know he's paranoid.
'sup DDO -- july 2013