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Whats the difference?

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7/1/2014 7:48:30 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
With the recent Supreme Court decision going in favor of Hobby Lobby I got to thinking about what my employers health plan doesn't cover. It really is quite crappy insurance and pays for virtually nothing which is why I purchased private insurance. For instance it won't cover any kind of injury while one is involved in a competitive sport, this includes all amateur sports as well as professional. I get the professional part. If I join a local soft ball league and hurt myself I am sht outa luck. It also wont cover any injury received riding any kind of motorcycle not even a mini bike or scooter on or off road.

These are all behaviors with a potential for injury and thus a future medical claim or claims.

Having sex is a behavior with a potential to contract a STD or a pregnancy and thus a future medical claim or claims.

Both can be abstained from or one can take the risk and engage in the behavior.

Tell me, what's the difference?