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Weight Watchers

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9/6/2014 7:01:13 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
We as a society have a total obsession with weight. As Americans, we lead the world in diet and exercise; yet we are the fattest nation on Earth. Europe which is gaining on us with great strides puts more emphasis on diet and exercise than it has in the not so distant past.

According to leading scientific and governmental bodies, like the American Medical Association and the USDA, there has been no substantial correlation between diet and exercise and body weight. Neither organization officially recommends either diet or exercise for the prevention or treatment of either overweight or obesity.

To say diet and exercise account for overweight and obesity is equivalent to saying they also account for underweight. However, even though we're quick to attack an overweight person's moral character by saying his, or her, condition is due to gluttony or sloth, we are more forgiving in our terminology concerning an underweight person by saying he, or she, has a fast metabolism.

In restricting the number of calories consumed, the body uses available glucose and then glycogen in effect decreasing one's lean muscle mass and consequently one's BMR. Any diet that promises a loss in adiposity while preserving lean muscle mass flies in the face of animal physiology.

As we increase our energy expenditure through exercise, again, our glycogen stores are depleted; if not replenished by an increase in carbohydrate consumption, we in effect lose lean muscle mass, which consequently decreases our BMR.