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Modern Diseases?

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9/9/2014 1:45:27 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
I've heard for many years we are unhealthier, today, than we've ever been. I can also see through leading technological advances the ability to diagnose disease is greater than it has ever been in history.

Leonardo da Vinci recorded in his journal, in studying the blood vessels of older people, he discovered, as he termed, a hardening or thickening of the vessel walls. However, most nutritionists and even clinicians have classified atherosclerosis as a modern disease.

Not too long ago, an episode of Nova documented the discovery of a prehistoric man who had been encased in ice for thousands of years. His body was so well preserved, the scientists were able to study the contents of his stomach, which consisted of lean meat and fibrous whole grains. (A diet the American Heart Association reports as ideal for the prevention of heart disease.) In studying his body, they discovered he had high cholesterol and heart disease.

I'm not saying either example concludes these diseases existed as epidemics in medieval or prehistoric societies, but how do we know they didn't?