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I guess this is about Ebola either:

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10/25/2014 7:59:05 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
I guess this is about Ebola either:

It's in Russian. Just correspondence itself in English.

Has anyone heard about Ebola in Ukraine? I've already seen many posts in various forums about Ebola signs there. Of course they might be fake but there is no smoke without fire. And if even the one of them would be true it would mean that Ukrainian authorities conceal facts from the world.

Imho any Ebola sign is serious enough to announce total health check and close the country borders for this time. And I guess Ukrainian President knows about it but does nothing.

It can't be so that he would fear of his Party loss in this election more than of National health? Otherwise he must be accused of humanity crime. There must be already regime of isolation in Ukraine. And instead of saving his country and secure neighbor countries this dummy still plays his big political games.

Sorry I'm so nervous because many of my family live in Poland. And it would be next if those infos about Ebola in Ukraine appear to be true.