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How To Get Up In the Morning

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7/31/2016 2:16:08 PM
Posted: 2 months ago
Now before I let you read anymore of this post I want to let you know this isn't going to be a thing I need answer on in my personal life, this is hopefully to answer some of your sleeping issues in your personal life.

I have no idea how to start this topic so I'm just going to go straight to it. We all have those days whether it's about school, work or maybe something else, where we are just like
"I know I have to do it today but I really want to do it later instead".
That's a common problem and a problem that almost everyone can relate to, maybe you want to find a way to get out of bed without hesitation.

How to wake up
So we are going to start with a basic issue and hopefully a basic solution. Now it's morning, you are insanely tired and the alarm goes off. You lay in bed and hit the button so the alarm doesn't annoy you anymore and you go back to sleep even though you know you shouldn't do that. Now at this point you have already messed up so let's just use this basic issue for now. One of the common things and simple things to do is to turn on the alarm as normal and then put it somewhere else in the room where you can't just reach it from the bed. This is what did the trick for me... Well, not in the start because what I'd usually do is wake up turn off the alarm, stand there a little then just turn around and get back to bed instead.
One of the other things that I know from personal experience will help is to keep a stable sleep schedule and that's wayyyy easier to say than to actually do.

So for example if you usually go to bed 10pm and wake up 6am, that's 8 hours of sleep so that's perfect. It would be a good thing to keep it that way then, but if you were to go to bed one day at 12pm and try to wake up 6am still... You have messed up.

We are humans and in the human nature it's very normal to make a habit out of something but in this case it's hard to make it a habit waking up after 8 hours of sleep. Instead of one day sleeping 10 hours then the next day maybe 6 you should try to find an amount between that, that actually works for you. If you are a person like me that wakes up late but wants to wake up earlier and easier I have some tips for you.

1: Set the alarm clock on the desk or floor somewhere where you can't reach it from the bed.

2: 1st thing to do when you go out of bed is to move fast like you are going out running, that will get your blood flow going and will wake you up way faster.

3: If you want to wake up earlier but don't have a stable sleep schedule I would recommend finding a certain amount of hours that you would normally sleep.

^^ But if you are going to decrease the amount of hours you sleep to wake up earlier I would recommend taking off 15min everyday until you have reached the amount of hours you want to sleep. By going down and up between several hours is very tiring and confusing for your body so slow and steady and you win the race by sleeping properly.

Can't fall asleep
I have been having a lot of issues regarding this problem and I still try to avoid it here and there. So you lay in bed, maybe you aren't tired at all and tries to read a book but it doesn't help, "What do I do?"
Well one of the things I found helpful was learning to meditate. Don't worry I'm telling you to go meditate or something like that and I can understand why it's boring. But I didn't exactly learn to meditate but I learned a lot about the breathing.

So if you are laying there I would recommend you to relax in your body, completely! I want you to close your eyes and take deep slow breaths. 1st I want you to focus on your head how it slowly feels like it's getting heavier, then after 3 mins of that I want you to focus on chest, how you can feel your chest moving from the slow and steady breathing. Then down to your legs, how you are not moving them at all, then down to your feet which is also becoming heavy.
Do that very slowly and that will help you.

Can't fall asleep even though I'm tired
This is also a problem I often have and it can come from a lot of things including stress, being afraid of something or several other things. I never really had a solution to this other than waiting it out and be really tired the next morning. But this is where the breathing technique from before helped me a lot! Hoped this helped in some kind of way. Maybe not much but it's worth a try and I'm happy to help those I can. Be sure to leave your opinion on this and maybe even a few other techniques that could help!
Thanks for reading
-Benjamin Stigsen