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Ayurveda- The 'subject' of interest

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2/10/2011 3:06:42 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
The ancient medicine practice of india, ayurveda, is attaining world-wide acclaim. The growing demand for acquiring knowledge and practicing this holistic science has resulted in the establishment of medical colleges which impart exhaustive and constructive form of education in ayurveda india has been the hot berth for fervent practice in Ayurvedic science and related researches. Ayurveda colleges not only help impart knowledge about how the ancient science was practiced but also provides an outlook on merging the science of yore with present day technology and inventions. Students are exposed to a wide bifurcations in Ayurveda and can chose what they want to expertise.

Honing ones talent in a particular aspect of the science like massage, is found to be more beneficial than studying the whole system. The inclusion of this spiritual science in the modern education system is an assuarance that this traditional medicine practice will not be lost in the upsurge of modern technologies, researches and inventions. The students are taught to practice Ayurveda in its pristine and authentic form. Research and development is taught to be instrumental in boosting up the medical standards without tampering with the pure form of this ancient science.

Training in the Ayurvedic discipline will lead to understanding of Sanskrit, anatomy and physiology, and applied lifestyle. Complex treatments like pathophysiology and herbology are explained through the medical programme. The comparison and corelation of other branches of medicines with this discipline is crucial for the absolute understanding of Ayurveda.