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fight on dokdo(important)

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7/23/2012 1:31:27 AM
Posted: 5 years ago
Over the last few years, south korea and Japan had fought over who's Island is dokdo. Although lot's of south korean people live there, have post numbers, and the army is guarding it from Japan, many countries think that it is Japan's land, and even make the "East Sea" to "Sea of Japan" in the map (even the U.S). But as the member of the south korean society, I thought that I should encourage the foreignors to think dokdo as Korea's when all the others think it's Japan's. So I did some research.

1. The difference of sea Japan owns.You might think that since dokdo is separated into two islands, why don't both countries get one each. But let me tell you something. Okay, everyone have a map in their hands? good. If you see the land of Japan, the part of sea it owns is just a little amount, around the land. But if it becomes to own dokdo, the sea between the Japan's land and dokdo becomes all theirs! see the difference?

2. The history
In the year 512, a general of korea had conquered dokdo by marine battles.
In the year 1243, Korean people of present techonology had moved there.
In the year 1883, the Korean government started to make and act plans of development for dokdo.
Korean early maps tell the early name of dokdo, which was named by americans on the ship "william thompson"
"Hokkiju" "Hayashi" "gittajawa" are Japanese maps that proves dokdo's name(In japan, they call it dakeshima) , which they now say it was a mistake!
American ships: "florida, henry kneeland, william thompson, Moctezuma(europe), cherokee, liancourt" all found dokdo, and marked it as Korea's land. They can't be all mistaken.
There are many other information. just that I couldn't find it.

3. Why?
I am sure that some of you might think: "hey, I'm not fully informed why they fight with dokdo. It is so small and what does the ocean give?"
But under dokdo, there are tons of natural gas, the main resources that will be used in the future.
And it is where the warm and cold current meets, making the greatest condition for fishes to live and reproduce. And that is why there are still many Japanese fishers coming there. For sushi.

Please inform people around you about this. What I had told you.