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Say goodbye to the Summer ?

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8/1/2011 3:03:08 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
Its August everyone. And do you wanna know why this month is so special to me.
It is the countdown to the infamous Fall season. Yes, that is right my friends.
I am not a big fan of the month of July, and that is for various reasons.
One being the heat and the other being for a lack of special events.
Independence Day is all fine and dandy. But you have this long stretch of eventlessness. No sports, no holidays, no new tv shows, no nostaliga, no
routines. July is like a wild card month. It may be fun and adventurous or it may not. This July was fair and that was because of the ton of good food and Women
I have seen lately. =) Other than that, is just nothing special.
I love August because you have football, and cooler weather. The humidity usually
starts to break down during the second half and you have that pre Fall feeling. The fair is on its way to town. The movie arenas are not so packed anymore.
The tourists are heading on back home and the ladies are still rocking their little skirts in the cool of the evening.
The sky turns blue and the cirrus clouds begin to show. And you know that deep down inside, Fall is near. The grapes are almost ready for harvest now and the kids will
be wearing their new shoes. I just like the vibe of this month. What about you ?