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SOS north koreans are looking for help!!!!!

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3/14/2012 8:40:50 AM
Posted: 6 years ago
I believe people came in this thread because of curiosity. I don't know if the news had went all the way to there, but north koreans who had escaped from north korea and ran away to china, are getting sent back forcefully by the chinese government. As you had guessed, if they go back to north korea, they will get killed.
And, which, is a violation of the civil rights presented by UN. So us two government leaders, north and south korea met in Europe to discuss about this problem. But when we were talking, north korean government leaders got angry and walked out. Our government leaders fallowed and told them not to send escaped notrh koreans back. And than what happened? North kroean leaders begin to hit south korean leaders! Plus, what the hel* is going on? The UN security began to twist one of our leaders arm, and after the injured people got cured, they were kicked out of the building. Duh???? What I don't understand is, if the chinese government send north koreans back to north korea, the united states and the world would hate them, and they will only be friendly with north korea. What good is that? Got any Ideas?