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DDO hall of fame

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4/22/2012 5:02:55 PM
Posted: 5 years ago
the new ddo hall of fame will be to preserve DDO's greatness and history for other people to see, the actual voting will be exactly one week after the presidential elections end, but in the mean time you are allowed to discuss which ones go into the hall of fame,

There are two debates that I would like to submit (they are NOT mine)

The first is the very first debate on DDO (preschool or something was the topic)
The second one is the one that has the most views (it was about gay marriage)

VP of DDO from Dec 14th 2014 to Jan 1st 2015
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4/24/2012 9:59:52 PM
Posted: 5 years ago
Most creative debate? If not, it still is amazing.

Hilarious debate, taking opposite sides and being sarcastic
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