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Harold = Dom Cobb

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6/18/2012 7:25:07 PM
Posted: 5 years ago
Tont, I was reading my son the story, Harold and the purple crayon. For those that don't know, it's a children's story about a boy named Harold who creates his own world simply by drawing with his purple crayon.

He gets lost in his world and has to use his wits and imagination to make it back.

At one point, he draws and entire city in an attempt to find his house. Specifically, his own bedroom window. The scene reminded me of he concept in the movie Inception of Limbo. Unconstructed dream reality, in which Dom Cobb, the main character, constructs an entire world. This got me thinking about a number of similarities:

1. Minus the creative influence of the main characters, the world is utterly blank and without form.
2. If the main characters are not careful, their creations can cause them harm. Dom has to deal with his subconscious, Harold creates numerous things which threaten to cause him harm and he falls off an incompletely drawn mountain.
3. Both characters get "lost." Dom in a more existential way, Harold in a more literal geographic sense.
4. There is a warped perception of time. Just how long would it take to draw an entire city full of sky scrapers?
5. Both need to rely on some object which acts As a reference point for reality. Dom his top, Harold, the moon (as seen through his window).

After having seen Inception, it is hard to read this story without inferring darker tones.

Sleep tight!