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The Dark Knight Rises shooting.

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8/5/2012 1:46:12 PM
Posted: 5 years ago
Let me tell you a story.

The first thing you should know about this story, is that it made the world. Atoms (and their respective sub-little-bits) are only half the Universe. The other half (give or take) is made of stories.

People like to make big noises about how stories are not reality. Griffins are not real. Yet they have, through the symbols of Gryffindor, had an affect on the courage of a whole whack of people in this very real world.

Superman, Harry Potter, Thor, Buffy, Batman...all stories. But far more real than most people normally see. And there are those to whom they hold vast import. People who understand and feel the power of myth that stretches out of our minds and infuses this world with meaning. People who study these myths and everything they can find on them. People who read articles just like this, looking for others who see meaning and, maybe, some hope.

And there were a whole bunch of them who lost their lives a few days ago.

Those people who were there that night were amoung those who understood myth, who found power and hope in myth. The story Nolan told held them, as only myths can hold. They were geeks, and they found awesome in the story.

The nutfuck who shot them tried to take away more than lives. He tried to take away the story...the knowledge of how it ends.

But this article (by a guy called "Cody") featured on that predicted in detail the ending to Nolan's final Batman film: [], this article, and all the work he put into it, all the (one assumes) obsession over details, the effort put into understanding, the willingness to commit to the design he saw...I'm guessing they read it. I did, and I am one of them.

That nutfuck tried to take the ending away. But, Cody, you kept him from that. You gave them a non-spoiler spoiler. No one can protect people from the nutfucks when the nutfucks are committed to destruction. But your understanding protected their story. Because of this work you did, they knew how it ended before he took it away.

I can't speak for anyone else, but as a geek, I'll thank you for protecting that small piece for them.

Peace, Brah.
"Well, that gives whole new meaning to my assassination. If I was going to die anyway, perhaps I should leave the Bolsheviks' descendants some Christmas cookies instead of breaking their dishes and vodka bottles in their sleep." -Tsar Nicholas II (YYW)