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SWAT Team at Texas's State Fair

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9/25/2012 1:50:46 PM
Posted: 5 years ago
I am a Minnesotan at heart who happens to be lost in Texas - let me preface with that statement. I attempted to go to the Texas state fair and what an impression left on me.

First of all the difference between poor in the south and poor in the north is sardines and filet Mignon. I thought I was driving through a south African village. It was pretty distracting and as we got lost trying to go to the fair, I couldn't help but feel like priorities were not in line. Why the hell am I going to the state fair? Why is it held over here? Why are these people living like this? What is going on? But I swallowed that - I reminded myself I was in Texas and that Republicans have a very warped view on how the less fortunate are supposed to magically come across and/or create resources and good fortune, and especially when the odds are against them. It's "struggle until you get it ... IF you ever get it, while we keep getting it with ease."

I kept driving, making a mental note to look into volunteer efforts to join to help out. As we got closer to Fair Park. I couldn't help but notice police everywhere - on motorcycles, on horses, in riot gear - just posted up, cars all over the place and even a couple of S.W.A.T. Now I'm no stranger to police officers attending public events. I grew up in North Minneapolis, it gets rough. But we don't call the S.W.A.T. to host community events. Lol

So I turned to my mother who's lived here much longer than me and said, "what the hell happened?" She replied, "Nothing."

"Well what's going to happen?" I asked. Again she said, "Nothing."

"So all of this is for the fair??"

She turned and looked me in the face, with that knowing expression, "Yup."

"Well then you KNOW I'm not going. $#@! this." I drove off. I let my family know they are welcome to take my car and come back but I refuse to attend this event.

So we left, pissed. This is one of probably - 350, 263, 682 and a half reasons, I HATE Texas. Anyway I am curious if anyone knows the story behind the Texas State Fair. Has it always require such a strong law enforcement presence? What sparked it? I couldn't find much in the way of Google searches. But I didn't look too hard either. Understanding the history wont do much to change my opinion of this place, but I'd like the knowledge if there's even any rhyme/reason to the madness.