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If History were different??

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11/9/2008 1:47:19 PM
Posted: 9 years ago
To take everyones mind off the obvious, I've come up with a neat idea. Taking a page off the interactive story, I decided what if history was different.

Firstly, the scene is set in WW2. Before their rise to power, the Nazi SS paramilitary group rounds up Jewish scientists fearing they'll leave once the party gains control. One of these is Einstein. Hitler decides not to invade Russia. He decides to launch operartion green (invasion of ireland) and operation sealion (invasion of england). Operation green happens first. The luftwaffte quickly dominate the sky's because Ireland has no airforce. They bomb naval bases and make way for the werhmarcht. British troops from Northern Ireland are sent down and britian quickly sends troops to combat this threat. From there, the Germans start opareation sealion, and take advantadge of Britians thinly spread forces. Promising the soviets complete soveigernity of scotland and ireland, the red army launches an offensive from both Scotland and Northern Ireland. This tactic works well and within 10 weeks the English are forced into signing a surrender, and a puppet government under King Geeorge V is set up. Churchill flees to Canada, urging the Americans to launch an offense. Scared at the strenght of the attack and speed of the english invasion, they refuse.

By now it's spring, and Hitler gives the order to remove all soviets from the isles and commence Operation Barbarossa. Meanwhile, the Japanese have conquered most of China in a succesful invasion. The Germans urge them to help them trap the Russians in the ural mountains. The two pronged attack works extremely effectively and traps the russians in. Stalin is forced to exile into the mountains, and is officially declared dead by Hitler although he has no proof. With the Soviets blockaded into the mountains, they no longer pose a threat.
Meanwhile, the Americans are left hopeless. They begin to transport troops and weapons to Australia, New Zealand, rebels in Britain and Ireland. The British in India are fighting a hopeless geurilla campaign in India, refusing to surrender.
Without Einstein, Roosevelt is never told of the Germans nuclear abilities. The germans now have free reign over their missile testing.

Now it's your turn. Come up with what you think would happen next. Nothing stupid like ' America invades Europe and takes it back.' or 'they just nuke berlin'
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11/9/2008 4:00:26 PM
Posted: 9 years ago
The mounties charge across europe and assassinate hitler. Roosevelt brings up the rear with the rough riders and everyone gives up.
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