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A Stoner Inside Joke

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6/9/2013 5:08:22 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
You don't actually have to be a stoner but it comes from this great stoner movie, Smiley Face. You can watch the whole thing on youtube.

I'm going to give my friend a picture of a Flintstone tire. Why? Because he loves bowling, of course. And that's what you put in a picture frame. The things you love.

AHAHA. Get it?


Oh, well, it's because Fred Flintstone likes bowling. Hence, Flintstone tire.

Mine isn't as good, I might change it. I love honey. I just chug the stuff. Who else likes honey? Winnie the Pooh. So I need a picture of...poo. Yeah. It would be one of the facebook poo smilies if I stick with it. Hey...smiley...Smiley Face. Another connection!

The best part is explaining it when someone asks why you have this random picture.

I was, what if...everyone already does this. And I'm just the last to catch on. Like every random thing in a person's house has some deep symbolic meaning behind it.

Dude. I'm hungry.

Anyway, now everyone make your own.

What do you like?