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11/16/2008 4:43:22 PM
Posted: 9 years ago
In trying to inflict rules from most other forums onto this forum, I seem to have fueled immense anger. Be assured, this instigation of anger was not intended. I really thought rules would be welcomed, and that through the rules I've picked up from being a regular on other forums, these forums would become a better, happier environment.

Obviously, my plan did not go as intended. People started to create topics just to anger me, and I was sent passionate messages telling me to stfu. My plan caused the very discourse I thought rules would eliminate.

Therefore, I will no longer speak of my rules, and I will ignore all the +1 topics on these boards.

If the moderator is reading this, I hope that he will start implementing a preliminary rule set. I see threads advocating vote bombing ( and shameless advertisements (, and nothing is done to stop this. The standards for these rules don't necessarily have to be as strict as I would have them, but I believe a standard must be set somewhere. And moderator presence is nonexistent.

That being said, I would like one last time to repost my ideology.

The following is something I wrote in a previous thread:

Because moderator presence is practically nonexistent, I believe we must work together to implement basic forum rules on here. I am not trying to emulate specifically in any way, but rather, I am trying to emulate most all forums on the Internet. s0m31john can confirm this; he is an established user of many other forums.

As far as basic forum rules go, we must try to emulate general conduct of other forums because they have been tested to work. Without them, a forum becomes spammy and unwelcoming. We want to have a good environment to post, so let's take steps towards doing so.

I will start off with some VERY basic things we must discourage:

1) Double/triple posting. Correcting the occasional grammar/spelling mistake is fine, but when you continually double/triple post, you tell other people you don't care about reading over your post before posting it. This degrades the quality of posts. Also, double/triple posting inflates your post count unfairly, and, on any other forum, you'd be banned.

2) +1 threads. +1 threads are bannable offenses in almost all other forums for a reason. They denigrate the quality of threads. They encourage mindless +1 posts. They lower the expectations users will have while posting.

3) Flame wars. Arguing, especially on a debate site, is fine. However, when we start attacking each other personally, and when we start getting emotionally involved, something has gone wrong. Gravely wrong. Flame warring on any other forum would get you banned. And, if serious enough, a perma ban.

4) Bumping REALY old topics. With the occasional exception, if a thread is not on the first page and has therefore been forgotten, don't post in it. Doing so clutters the front page, and makes finding new, more interesting threads more difficult.
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11/16/2008 5:04:48 PM
Posted: 9 years ago
At 11/16/2008 4:43:22 PM, PoeJoe wrote:

PoeJoe+1, I know I would miss you coming along to condemn +1ers. I think that most people replying to you were just joking with you.
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12/5/2013 12:38:45 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
this must be necessary to stop the forces of evil
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