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Your Ideal World!

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9/4/2013 8:57:37 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
This post was inspired by Medic's World in the religion category, which can be found here:

So, if anyone would like to post their ideal world on any and all topics, then away!

Please note: This is on one's ideal society and law system, per se, rather than an actual planet. Although if you wanted to do a planet; I don't see why not!
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9/4/2013 10:07:14 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
Mystic's Ideal World

Abortion will be legal. However, a person wishing to have an abortion must first appeal to an abortion court for one, and they will determine whether an abortion is the correct action to take. There will be guidelines for the judge, such as rape should almost always be yes, but ultimately, it will come down to the judge's decision. If the judge's decision was considered harsh or unfair, the person may make one appeal to the High Committee for the decision to be overturned.

Affirmative Action
Affirmative action will not be considered and will never take place.

Animal Rights
Animal rights will be taken in the highest authority and appropriate protection acts against animals will be considered as an individual. Tests on animals will be illegal by default, although cases of appeal can be made to the High Committee for one off projects to further benefit animals and human society. Tests will only be sanctioned for drugs, however, and animals that have survived a test will be protected indefinitely from other tests. That is, once the animal has been tested on; it will never be tested on again.

It will be a capitalist society, at its core. Although there will be other aspects, too.

Civil Unions
Civil unions will be recognised but not performed. (See gay marriage).

Capital Punishment (the death penalty)
Capital punishment will never be implemented and performed. The worst punishment will be infinite life sentences and infinite fine, without any possibility of parole and all possessions will be seized by the government and kept in storage until further notice.

Drug legalization
All drugs will be considered illegal unless a government grant is posted specifically stating otherwise or for medical use only. (This law would be released with exceptions at the same time. Exceptions like alcohol, caffeine, etc...)

Environmental Protection
The environment will be considered fragile and damaged, and as such there will be heavy restrictions on the environment. Trade will be the primary source of minerals and energy, although there will be a limited number of plants and factories, too.

Estate Tax
There will be no estate tax.

Euthanasia will be legal, although, just as for abortion, any person (or representative) will have to appeal to the High Committee for the confirmed action. This will only be legal for terminally ill patients, and only after all the options have been tried and failed.
Once again, if the High Committee's decision was considered harsh or unfair, the person may appeal once to the High Committee for an overturn.

(Gay) Marriage
Marriage will be recognised, but not performed. A religion may perform a marriage, but there will be no benefits given for being married or not.

Global Warming
Global warming will be recognised, and steps will taken to prevent against it. (See environmental protection).

Gun Rights
Anyone of years 21 or over will be allowed to own a single handgun after s/he has passed the following:
a) A gun basic course which will be funded for by the person, not the government.
b) A background check.
c) A psychological test.

If a person wants to own multiple guns or more powerful guns, s/he will have to:
a) Take an advanced gun course which will be funded by the person, not the government.
b) Pass a basic fitness test that will be government funded.

Home schooling
It will be required by law that children must attend a primary school. Afterwards, a child's parent will decide for the child whether to attend a school or for the child to be home schooled. However, the parents (if they teach) must have passed a teacher's course, as do the tutors. There will be a few government tutors for particular subjects at an advanced level.

Internet Censorship
There will be no Internet censorship. The child's safety on the Internet is the parent's responsibility.

Prostitution will be legal.

Nation Health Care
Health care will be considered a right, and public health care will be provided. Private health care will not be free, however.

The government will not employ torture.

There will be freedom of, and freedom from, religion. There will be a recognised majority religion, but no official religion. Public places may contain no religious symbols of any kind, unless it is part of garb (such as a headscarf), or in a personal office, etc...

Religion will not be tolerated if it is considered hate speech. Signs such as
"God hates ****!" and "Homosexuality is a sin!" will not be tolerated in public, and the persons will be subject to prosecution. This will also extend in the other direction to the free press. Cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad, for example, will be completely legal, unless it is depicted as hateful or discriminatory. Similarly, the slogan "...(because) it's (against) my religion" will not be tolerated in public as a defence for illegal actions.

However, all religions are free, anyone is free to practice any religion to the extent that it doesn't breach other laws. Churches, Mosques, etc... are not and will not be illegal, and religious education is mandatory until the person chooses their GCSEs, (or any equivalent), at which point it will be mandatory, but people will not have to take an exam unless they choose. At A-level (or equivalent), religious studies will not be mandatory.

Creationism will be taught in schools, but only in religious classes, and intelligent design/creationism will not be considered a science. Evolution will be considered a science of biology.

On other notes...
It will be a democracy using the alternative voting system. Globalization will be encouraged.

Well, that's it, if anyone wants to add their own or suggest improvements, please do so!
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9/4/2013 3:47:43 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
A conservative type utopia, but with some liberal ideas like Unions, welfare (only food stamp welfare :P), and Social security at a small scale.
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9/4/2013 8:43:15 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
At 9/4/2013 10:23:33 AM, Mysterious_Stranger wrote:
One with no religion less people and no emphasis on sex whatsoever.

Ironically, one with diverse religion, more people, and lots and lots of sex.