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"Kochi flats: Illuminating Home Dreams"

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11/12/2013 5:44:04 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
Flats in Kochi town are considered as perfect living places combining the luxury and snobbery of urban life. Kochi flats offer spacious bedrooms equipped with excellent cross ventilation, separate dining area, independent balconies and elegant entrance door. Vitrified tile floorings are used for a classic Kochi apartment and ceramic tiles are used for balconies. Kitchen of Kochi flats is equipped with kitchen counter granite, dining wash counter, mixer grinder and premium quality fittings. Molded teak wood, glazed tiles and aluminum powder coating add beauty to windows and doors of Kochi flats. Concealed conduit wiring, copper conductor, and independent power meters make electrical supply system more functional.
Apart from public distribution system water by Kerala Water Authority, Kochi flats provide open well/bore water. Club house, recreation center, indoor games room, and children"s play area are provisions for entertainment available in Kochi flats. Kochi flats offer an exquisite full featured residential apartment away from the crowd of urban conglomerate. Kochi flat builders offer services in areas of property management, interior designing, and flat reselling. Property management services of Kochi flat builders take care of periodical cleaning, apartment renovation, introduction of new services and rental assistance. Kochi flat builders have years of collective management experience in property development and construction of projects. Business capability in different industries provides Kochi based builders advantage of multi disciplinary alliance. Kochi builders are premiere building organizations led by well trained architects, engineers and sales folk.
"There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort"- By Jane Austen