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New way for DDO to make cash!!

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2/2/2014 12:06:56 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
Abraralam, a 44 year old man, whose profile claims that he can cure cancer and HIV/AIDS,is willing to pay A MILLION DOLLARS to anyone who is willing to prove that his theory of 'Fresh Bodies' of Muslim martyrs is wrong.

He even claims according to his research,5 Billion non-Muslims "do not have any neutral, natural, perceptible and irrefutable proofs on truth of their thinking, logic, books, beliefs and lifestyles" and is willing to undergo any form of public humiliation if we could prove otherwise.

Normally stuff like this is fun just to troll the living sh*t out of.But this added bonus of getting a million dollars, complete with a site that seems legit (WWW.RIGHTFULRELIGION.COM), makes it *really* attractive.

While I have respect for Islam, and a lot of medieval muslim thinkers, I really feel that DDO with so many skilled debaters who are atheist, as well as from other religions can form a team to make a strong case and win the million dollars.

If we can get rid of these silly adds for at-least a while, have contests with real cash prizes, and invite leading intellectuals to host special "guest appearance" debates with this kind of money, I feel we should!!

I want to know who all are willing to meet this challenge, and what you think we should do with the million dollars(Cuz It's good to always hope for the best...:-P)
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