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Marine Mammals in human captivity

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2/13/2014 10:56:32 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
I am putting this here because the one I made in the society forum floundered. I got people announcing that they opposed it, but when I presented my arguments I got no reply.

The animals in Zoological establishments certified by the AZA are cared for by the best of experts in the field. There is no pampering or treat that is spared. If it a good for the animal. And they can do it, they will, even down to brushing their teeth.

Second, the Zoological community is the single largest force on the conservation front. An example is the Georgia Aquarium, the worlds largest aquarium. It houses the worlds largest teaching veterinary hospital, the worlds largest aquatic research center, spearheads the worlds largest marine clean-up program, the worlds most extensive conservation program, and the world largest kelp forest restoration program.

It partnered with the coral restoration fund to run the worlds largest reef restoration effort, with the Monterey bay aquarium to run the worlds most advanced sea otter rehabilitation program, the shedd aquarium and the Alaska marine center, along with Russian counterparts, to spearhead the worlds biggest beluga research and conservation front. Georgia Aquarium partnered with Mote Marine laboratories to run two simultaneous programs, one on right whale conservation and one on manatee conservation. Georgia aquarium runs the largest dolphin conservation and rehabilitation program in the world.

The only marine mammals held by these non-profit zoological organizations are those deemed by experts as unable to survive in the wild.

Instead, they serve as Ambassadors to raise awareness of the aquatic world, and to inspire awe, amazement, and foster a sense of connection with the public. The goal is to get people to care about these creatures and their habitat through "edutainment".

This type of caring and connection cannot be developed unless the people can actually see and interact with the animals themselves. This is why I support zoological organizations like the Georgia Aquarium.
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2/15/2014 6:28:23 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
You made a number of excellent points; these facilities are of great value. In my opinion people frequently oppose them out of a misguided sense of fair treatment to animals and a lack of understanding of how these animals are actually treated. In reality these animal care facilities provide valuable services and opportunities for education. They are typically staffed by caring and knowledgeable professionals.

I would add that zoos and shelters provide care for non-aquatic animals as well. I have great respect for these organizations. We have an shelter for elephants in my state. Tennessee sounds like an odd place for a herd of elephants, but the organization provides a wonderful habitat for a number of abandoned and retired elephants.