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Horror stories

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3/9/2014 12:07:04 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
Yay is really good at this. I have heard some spooky tales I would like to share.

The scene is the Mexican war. A young woman meets a dashing soldier. Handsome and cunning, she fell for him in every way. Over the progression of the war, the soldier made the woman pregnant. She then gives birth to two kids. Their relationship thrives. The war ends, and the man tells his lover he needs to go back to Spain, but would come back for her in a year. The man leaves. A year passes, and the woman becomes severely depressed. She looks at her kids in spite, thinking that they already look so much like him. She then ventured to the river with her two children. She puts them in a baskets, and drowns them in the river. After realizing what she has done, she tries to save them, but it is too late. Her kids are dead. Out of depression and guilt, she drowns herself. Rumor has it, that if your kids wander near that lake, she will lure them into the lake and drown them. If you are a man, she will drown you, because she thinks you are her long lost lover, finally coming back to her. If you are a woman, she will drown you because she thinks you are her lover's mistress, trying to take him away from her again. You can still hear the shrieks of her agonising misery in the depths of the lake, searching for her lover and kids.