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Dis riddle

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3/18/2014 7:40:52 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
A group of people (hundreds) are held hostage in a room. They are not all standing in one line. The evil mastermind holding them hostage wants to test your deductive abilities. Each person has a hat on their head, which could be either red, white, blue, or green. Everybody in the room is coerced to shake hands with everyone they can walk in a straight line to, but they cannot reach the people standing in a straight line behind. Then they must return to their original position, rotate, and keep shaking hands of everyone they can walk in a straight line to until they have finished shaking everyone"s hands that they can reach. To explain how its possible they can"t reach someone: if three people stand in a straight line from left to right, the middle one shakes the left and right people"s hands, but the left and right can only shake the middle person"s hands. While the mastermind was explaining the riddle, his henchmen have captured 26 of your officers and put a hat on each of them (again they can be red, blue, white, or green). The mastermind tells you he will only allow a group of people along with some of your officers to leave if they satisfy two conditions: 1) They are all wearing the same color hat as the officers that leave with them. 2) At least one person (Mr. X) in the group has shaken hands with another person (Mr. Y), and there was nobody else standing behind Mr. Y (there is no Mr. Z standing behind Mr. Y who would have been prevented from shaking hands with Mr. X). The mastermind asks you "What is the minimum and maximum number of people that can be saved (leave the room) in this situation?" If you answer correctly, and with proof then he will let everybody go.

there were 3 conditions. Condition #3) Everyone in the group who isn't an officer has shaken hands with each other (may have shaken hands with more than each other, but at least have shaken hands with each other).
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3/18/2014 5:55:14 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
tl;did read but wtf
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