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Who is more genius and/or torturous?

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3/20/2014 5:05:14 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Jigsaw VS Kevin Mccallister: who was the more genius mastermind and whose methods were more torturous?
Jigsaw: limited time, people forced to kill themselves or mutilate themselves, lots of gore and a terrible death. Even people who survived later died. There is Only One known survivor of his "games". (two if you count Dr. Gordon) His cleverness is unmatched, thinking all the way through with all the roles played out by multiple people, even predicting Adam a fast-thinker who rushes too fast. However, he needs other people's help to do his torturing job.

Kevin: kid who swindles the bandits, making them think he is not home alone many times, and sets up traps in such a way that tortures the bandits into half-death. However, this is only because they are so persistent. His smartness is genius for a little kid, shopping all on his own and managing to get even creepy old people to help him out. Other than one person he needs practically no other help.

MY OPINION: Kevin all the way.
When he grows up, he will probably manage to make Jigsaw look like a kitten in comparison. If Jigsaw tried to capture Kevin without any help, he would epic-ly fail, nearly dying in the process, and if Kevin was trapped in one of Jigsaw's traps, he would probably manage to get out, having the persistence and more than likely being able to escape with a clever plan! (unless the trap is inescapable)
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