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The adventures of BQP to Texas.

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3/13/2010 7:35:38 AM
Posted: 8 years ago
Yes, I have finally made it to the state I have never been to thus far to explore its cultural "integrity" as compared to my home state of Florida. Well I got off my flight and I could immediately sense the redness seeping up my leg. What an awkward feeling. After walking past multiple George Bush posters at Houston Intercontinental, I met my lovely hosts out front. From there we headed over to Reliant Stadium where I encountered my first Texan pasttime. Rodeo. After feeling left out and being mobbed for saying "i'm from florida", with question about what its like to live so far east, I then saw a toby keith concert. That was fun. I then was introduced this morning to a sausage wrapped in a donut. Apparently its some type of delicacy to this species. I took a road trip to the border to discover there is no ACTUAL fence. But a ditch. After crossing and recrossing the border four times out of the fun of it, I had an actual political debate with a texan. He belived that democrats were communists. So as a message to the Texans on ddo....continue to embrace your southern heritage. Its amazing. But learn something other than different ways to apply a sausage. Ill be back with more updates when I leave sunday. By the way, im typing this from my phone. :D