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Ridiculous Rap

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9/25/2014 4:03:09 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Biiiiitch, what you know bout candy apple cornbread lasagna
amazonian anaconda with mink skin on my condoms
check it, my wrist is frozen like a lake in Canada
call it banana stamina the way I splash with tarantulas

I'll pan-handle ya, and cook you up like chicken fry rice
I died twice and feasted in hell on some key lime lice
respect the ice, my neck looks like I bought the sun's reflection
pass inspection, my confection is an injection of verbal perfection

Maaaaan, I bought an island and ended up slap-boxing a gorilla
Then retired while still wired an wrote a novella about chinchillas
bestseller, sold some weed to underground dwellers in my cellar
Flew to Spain and had lunch with the grandson of Helen Keller

Caramel cream soda with diamond chains looking green like yoda
may the force be with me as I do cobra yoga on a sofa in my pagoda
See, I'm that type of OG that turns coals into gems
I had limousine tint on my bike by the time I was 10 Deputy Vote Moderator
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