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Best DDO quotes

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4/7/2010 12:20:45 PM
Posted: 8 years ago
"The fact that a murderer can be shot by his prospective victim does not make murder a consensual action." - Ragnar_Rahl
: If you weren't new here, you'd know not to feed me such attention. This is like an orgasm in my brain right now. *hehe, my name is in a title, hehe* (

Just in case I get into some BS with FREEDO again about how he's NOT a narcissist.

"The law is there to destroy evil under the constitutional government."
So... what's there to destroy evil inside of and above the constitutional government?
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4/7/2010 1:09:45 PM
Posted: 8 years ago
At 4/7/2010 12:46:20 PM, InsertNameHere wrote:
Anything from banker, especially when he goes on about not being able to understand people's "gibberish". xD

Quote 1

"Hitler was a gay prostitute, he was a basterd from a jewish boy who had a relationship with the cleaning lady ..! The boy was from the rothchild family ...! As a homeless prostitute hitler was not able to grow up anything other then a retard..![12]"

Explanation of Quote 1

The latter was a quote from banker indicating that he believed (seriously believed) Hitler to be a gay prostitute. Upon further questioning he revealed that he obtained his belief from an article[13] that states that Hitler may have had syphilis. How Banker bridged the gap between syphilis and homosexual male prostitution the world may never know.

Quote 2

"It amazes me how talented you are with your gibberish ..!"

Explanation of Quote 2

The latter was a quote from banker in response to Celebral Narcissist's quote:

"I am asking you, as I have done many times before, in what subject is it that you hold a doctorate? It is not related to this topic, I'd start a new thread if I thought you would reply."

Quote 3

"Mirza your accusation against anyone that he hides from your refutation is comical..! Islam is a religion proved to be headed by a loser..!!

Even osama is not able to do anything victorious.!! Just look at 9/11 osama wanted to win he had to hire jews..!!

Every one is aware that 9/11 was done by bush and jews..!

So whom are they fooling when screaming the moon gods name alah akbar.? Bush and jews where akbar..!!

The palastinian arafat who started the opposition was realy jewish.!! Otherwise muslims would not trust his success..!!

Also achmedinijad is jewish..!!

The real leaders are aware that a moon got is not able to create victory...!!

Only some kids like mizra are fooled...!!"[14]

Quote 4

"I am aware about the occult more then you care to know..!"[15]

Quote 5

"Insert if I would belive in consirocies,I would say bush cuased 911...!!!"[16]