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12/19/2014 5:30:52 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
I had an idea, and I couldn't figure out how to phrase it to ask in Google if it exists or not, so I thought to ask in this lovely website full of smart people. :)
This is probably somewhat ridiculous, but it can't hurt to check, right? :)
If anyone knows of a better place to post this, or a more appropriate website for this sort of question, that would be appreciated, but until then I think posting here wouldn't be too bad.
Has anyone here done anything for money online (like take a survey) before they were an adult? Well, apparently one has to transfer the money to their legal guardian's accounts.
I thought it would be nice if the website is giving you money (not coupons or deals or anything else, because that would be more complicated), if you could somehow connect that money directly to some other website that accepts money online. Personally, I'd love to donate to some charities, but I don't yet have a job and my parents don't give me an allowance or pay me for doing my chores, so I thought that I could do some surveys to get some money, and then ran into this issue. Does anyone think this is plausible and/or a good idea?
Thanks to anyone who takes the time to answer!
And happy holidays!