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Chess Game

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6/28/2010 6:37:29 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
I am a person that enjoys playing the game chess but am often frustrated by the lack of challenging competition then I was struck with an idea. I am a member of a site with a lot of people that have critical thinking abilities, and some time so I was wondering if anyone would like to play chess with me over this site through PM or on this forum whichever you would prefer if you have any interest in it just let me know
: At 8/17/2010 7:17:56 AM, I-am-a-panda wrote:
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6/28/2010 7:03:36 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
At 6/28/2010 6:58:04 PM, InsertNameHere wrote:
I'm terrible at chess.

cool story, bro. why not head to the irc so I can hear more terrible stories