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TV MAFIA (2) - Results

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7/22/2010 6:35:06 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
Congratulations, Town!

Winners: badger, Vi_Veri, wjmelements, mongoose, oceanix, SportsGuru, InsertNameHere, Alex, xxdarkxx and Korashk.

Losers: Puck, belle, mongeese and studentathletechristian8


I went with the theme of TV mafia again because as I said I think themed games tend to be really unfair and disadvantageous to the mafia based on their "obvious good guy" nature. With this theme, the mafia is able to use a lil creativity to get ahead (but must also think outside the box and hope not to double up on roles I've come up with).

To help the mafia, I gave Belle the role that I gave Dark last time (a mafia favored Beloved Princess) which definitely helped them, and a Godfather that could be recruited into the masons undetected. I also gave them a Role Blocker and a Gambler role that allowed them to make choices about how to best go about winning the game (though mongeese died early on making this pretty useless). Additionally, I gave a Miller role to the town and limited most roles, as I think full-powered roles in small games just kinda defeats the purpose.

Additionally, I think I structured the townie roles so that they were helpful but not TOO helpful. For instance, if the mason recruiter recruited a mafioso, all the masons would die. Mongoose's investigation was helpful, but only in that he could lead the town to convicting *one* mafioso when all was said and done (by making him wait a lil bit to get the results). I thought mongoose used his role perfectly by trying to just live long enough to make his role useful (and also be able to prove it).

I also gave him the role that Vi faked with last time opening up possible suspicion about his role had he been forced to role claim earlier. Other roles were 2-shot so that people could use their roles and prove their roles, but not have the town be too over-powered. I also like the compliment of Psychic and Cop; the mafia could lie about their show to protect their role (which Puck and sac would have had to do) whereas sometimes a cop investigation to determine alignment would be necessary (like in belle and mongeese's case... though Alex's investigation of mongeese's show helped to get him convicted).

In the end I think it was a great game with a job well done by both sides. I'd like to think that the teams were perfectly balanced. The most interest night was the night the mafia decided to kill wjmelements (np3). WJM was trying to recruit mongoose which would have confirmed another townie. Oceanix was also blocked from investigating sac8's statement "I am town." Good call. See, while sac8 could have been recruited into the masons and appeared innocent upon investigation, he could STILL be found out by both the lie detector and medium role once his show was found out (and he was).

Overall I can't think of any major mistakes on either side except for badger's declaration, of course. I'm really not sure why he didn't just claim Bulletproof townie lol c'est la vie. Anyway GOOD JOB everyone and once again congratulations to the town :)

Questions, Comments, Concerns?

== LIST of ROLES ==

badger ----> You are SMALLVILLE, the Bulletproof townie.
SportsGuru ----> You are BATMAN, the 2-shot Vigilante.
mongeese ----> You are DEAL or NO DEAL, the mafia Gambler.
Vi_Veri ----> You are MANTRACKER, the Tracker.
InsertNameHere ----> You are MY LIFE ON THE D LIST, the Miller.
wjmelements ----> You are FRIENDS, the Mason Recruiter.
studentathletechristian8 ----> You are THE O'REILLY FACTOR, the mafia Godfather.
xxdarkxx ----> You are COPS, the Cop.
belle ----> You are HEROES, the Hero of the People (mafia).
Alex ----> You are MEDIUM, the Psychic.
Korashk ----> You are NURSE JACKIE, the Nurse (doctor).
Puck ----> You are THE SECRET DIARY OF A CALL GIRL, the mafia Prostitute.
oceanix ----> You are PENN AND TELLER: BULLSH!T, the 2-shot Lie Detector.
mongoose ----> You are CSI, the Forensic Investigator.
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7/22/2010 8:37:07 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
Batman doesn't like killing people. >_<
When large numbers of otherwise-law abiding people break specific laws en masse, it's usually a fault that lies with the law. - Unknown
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7/22/2010 9:52:25 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
BTW, kudos for not starting the last day phases until we were all online (so we couldn't use that as a reason to incriminate).