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StAhP hAtInG oN jUsTiN bIeBeR1! (joke thread)

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3/29/2015 9:51:18 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
UR WRECkiNG HIM AND TEARING HIM DOWN! HEEEEZ JUST A KID yOU STOOPED A**HOLEZ I knoW uR just jellus CUz ur not FaMoUs AnD rIcH liek him. HoW wud yoo liek it if he hated on yOo!??1??!?!/!? TWF!? U have No riet to say bad things about JuStIn No MaTtEr HAO MUCH U WISH YOO WERE HIM1!1!1! STFU YOU DUMB@$$ P1$$-FACES U SHOULD ALL HAVE YOUR TONGUES STAPLED TO EXTREMELY DIRTY GAS STATION TOILETZ AND COVERED IN CANNED TUNA@@($*!&$1!!!! IF yoU D1$$ him one moarrr t1#m I will kick your @RSE AND SHOVE SOMETHING UP THERE. PLZ STAHP.

"Stop forwarding that crap to me"

-Weird Al
"There's no diversity because we're burning in the melting pot."

-Immortal Technique

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