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The Last Airbender Mafia Results

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8/3/2010 2:28:34 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
This is already being discussed in the DP 7 thread but i figured i'd make it anyways.


The town
Wjmelements (Doctor, 1 shot reviver)
Deadleaves (who was replaced by korashk) (Miller)
Jblake (Tracker, then messenger)
Sportsguru (lie detector)
Panda (Vig)
Korashk (Joat, then miller)
Thelwerd (Watcher, then leader)
Leafrod (Mason recruiter)
xxdarkxx (who was replaced by Belle) (Bodyguard)
Mongeese (who was replaced by thelwerd) (Leader)
belle (Vengeful townie then bodyguard)
Tvellalott (Cop)
BQP (who was replaced by JBlake) (Agent)

Not winners
Badger (serial killer, came up innocent, 1 shot BP)

Vi_veri (Silencer, truth teller)
Puck (role blocker)
Oceanx (Stalker)
Mongoose (Godfather)
Nags (Regular)
Sac8 (Framer)

If anyone wants any more info on anything let me know.
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