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An Experiment...

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6/19/2015 9:00:27 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
Would anyone care to aid me in a little experiment?

Imagine that we have a standard set of dominoes; that means that every combination of each number between 0 and 6 is paired on one domino (28 possible combinations). I then place three dominoes on a table in this order:

2 / 3 . . . 3 / 4 . . . 4 / 5

I then tell you that I have a single secret rule that the order of these dominoes conforms to. You are tasked with figuring out what this rule is, but must do so in a specific way: you can take any three dominoes (even the ones that I used) and put them in any order, and I will tell you "Yes" if your order conforms to the rule and "No" if it doesn't. Send me your guesses in a Private Message.

For example, if you were to send me the message, "2/3 ... 3/4 ... 4/5", I would reply with "Yes."

You can guess with a new order as many times as you wish, and then tell me what the rule is when you are confident that you know it.