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A forum to research...

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8/19/2010 5:33:15 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
I enjoy doing long-term projects and for a while I've wanted to practice observing and understanding social situations from an outside perspective. ie get practice as an anthropologist. I thought an easy way, that wouldn't be time-consuming, would be to observe a forum for a few months, preferably a year or so.

So, I've started looking for a forum to start with. Any suggestions would help. Something that is about the same size as this one, with similar (a bit less is okay) activity, and not a totally boring topic. (ie, politics or religion'd be perfect). OR, a forum which is just starting out or going to be created. With the former, my hope is to not have the forum die and not have my interest wane, with the latter, my hope is to start from the forum's beginning.

As an aside, ANY other sort of online communities that may not be forums would also be welcome suggestions. Thanks for any help ahead of time, and [insert culturally appropriate rude gesture here] for any mean comments. ;P
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