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Why are airports so amazing

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7/22/2015 2:30:34 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
At 7/22/2015 2:29:23 PM, dylancatlow wrote:
Someone please help me figure this out.

Yeah, what's up with them?

: At 10/2/2017 3:00:43 AM, YYW wrote:
: Bossy: You are Regina.

:Inferno wrote:
:You sound rather gay.

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7/22/2015 8:45:22 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
Eh airports are amazing? They are temporary prisons that restrict movement everywhere. The last place on earth next to Disney land that I would want to be is in an airport. I dread being in an airport.
Beware of the people who are in your circle but are not in your corner.

And with the stroke of a pen people 18 to 21 who own a gun became criminals and public enemy #1 having committed no crime and having said nothing. Just like the Jews in Germany during WW2. Must be a weird feeling.

When I hear people crying and whining about their first world problems I think about the universe with everything in it and people in wheelchairs and all of their problems go away.