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Unknown piano song

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7/30/2015 11:39:14 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
Hello, I have heard this cool piano song on CCTV commercial breaks, I believe. I cannot find it ANYWHERE, so I will describe it. I believe it is contemporary/New-age (or at least it sounds like it). It sounds very new and refreshing. The left hand seems to be consisting nearly entirely eighth notes (four in a row, some kind of chord or something. The flow seems to go up for three notes and down for one note; similar to famous works like Noctune or River Flows in You, both of which are not this work), and it sounds like normal 4/4 with a tempo of probably allegro. It lasts like a few minutes.

Somewhere in the song (or perhaps even in the beginning) the right hand melody is: [Octave of center C] A-D-E-F sharp-E-D-D...... A [same A] -D-E-F sharp-E-D-E-F sharp-F sharp. The rhythm of both in their respective order would be: 8th note-8th note-8th note-8th note-8th note with a period- sixteenth note, then hold for like two beats; then 8th-8th-8th-8th-8th note with period-sixteenth note. I remember that right after this it would play the same rhythm with a VARIATION: [Octave of center C] A-D-E-F sharp-E-D-D...... A [same A] -D-E-F sharp-E-D-E-A-F sharp.

In the middle of the song after the main melody the right hand then plays some chords which main notes are: [sounds like one octave above center C] F-sharp-G-A-A-A-F sharp-D - Fsharp- G- A-A-A- Fsharp D- D-E-F sharp-F sharp-F sharp-F sharp-F sharp-B-E- [some kind of trill note thing] -D-B-D. [Rhythm: 8th note with period-8th note with period-
8th note with period-sixteenth-sixteenth-8th-8th-8th with period-8th-16th?- repeat rhythm-- then 8th note with period-8th note with period-8th note with period-sixteenth-sixteenth-8th-8th- trill- 16th?-16th-16th.

I also know that in some point of the song they play [Octave above center C] D-C sharp-A- F sharp-- and then transition back to the melody. [Quarter- three beat note with period-eight-three beat note]

The ending is chords are: B-A-G-F sharp. [These notes are the same rhythm; and held for one beat or more]
If anyone knows of such a song or a similar song please help me. (This song could be just a minute long, I can't be too sure. I'll appreciate any help, though.)
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