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TV Mafia 3: Day Phase 6

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8/31/2010 3:05:31 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
== Active Players ==

01. JBlake
02. Alex
03. Lovelife
04. mongoose
05. oceanix

= Deceased ==

Nags: You are ENTOURAGE, the Mason Recruiter.
InsertNameHere: You are THE WEST WING, the Recruiter.
Vi and Puck: You are BROTHERHOOD, the Politician / Mafia Traitor.
Badger: You are JERSHEY SHORE, the Vanilla Mafia.
Wjmelements: You are WIFE SWAP (recruited to mafia).
Tvellalott: You are HUMAN TARGET, the Bodyguard.
Koopin (Leafrod): You are CATHOUSE, the Mafia Prostitute.
Korashk: You are AMERICA'S MOST WANTED, the Tracker.

sac8: You are AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL. Like the contestants of your show, you're a little Beloved Princess. However, you're so good looking that you're worth all the trouble for your team :) If you are voted off the show (lynched) during the day phase, then the following night phase will be skipped and the mafia gets no kill. However, if you are picked off at night, your team will mourn the loss and the next day phase will be skipped. You win with the town.

== Notices ==

Due to the nature of sac8's role, this DAY PHASE HAS BEEN SKIPPED.

There is no talking in this thread. Get your night actions in asap.
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8/31/2010 3:33:57 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
Lol - the mafioso who killed me got lucky.

Any other mafioso would not have killed me during the night, based off what I told people throughout the game.