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Free Trade, the demise of America?

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10/22/2010 1:12:02 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
Now dont misunderstand me , I FAVOR free AD EQUAL Trade,
Waht I oppose is unfair trade practices by those nation filling the United States with foreign made merchandise. Then not accepting equal amounts of American made.

Are Free trade agreements detrimental to The Untied States?
Years ago, I remember seeing freight carriers such as Overbite, Red Ball , Bison Fast Freight, and the Like. What they all had in common is that they were all American carriers and they all kept AMERICAN jobs in the United States. Today we see Maersk Sealand, Cho Yang, Yang Ming, and so forth. This is part of te NAFTA and GATT, North American Free Trade Agreement , and Global Agreement of Tariff and Trade. This is a detriment to the AMerican Worker a I see it. not the truck deliver driving these trucks. he is not my target, but the global elitists who are getting rich because of these agreements. Selling the American Worker down the toilet. The Democrats, Republicans and the pseudo Independents are all to blame for this as i see it. Feedback is welcome and appreciated. Thank you Lewis