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Murdered child in Melbourne, Australia

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4/11/2016 3:22:34 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
In the last coupe of days a woman has reported that a man of (Alleged) African appearance stole he child from its prom as they walked in a City Park area.

The baby was found the next morning in a creek near where the baby had been (allegedly) abducted.

In Africa, ritual passed on by Witch doctors have convinced some African men that if they have sexual contact with a baby that they will cure themselves of AIDS.

By Jane Flanagan in Johannesburg

12:01AM GMT 11 Nov 2001

THE alleged rape of a nine-month-old baby girl by six men in a remote part of rural South Africa last week has focused the nation on an 80 per cent rise in child sexual abuse over a year, much of it connected with the country's Aids pandemic.
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4/14/2016 3:29:00 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
Meh it's barley human it's closer to a fetus. It can't think it can't talk it can't fend for itself. What's the big hub bub.
Beware of the people who are in your circle but are not in your corner.

And with the stroke of a pen people 18 to 21 who own a gun became criminals and public enemy #1 having committed no crime and having said nothing. Just like the Jews in Germany during WW2. Must be a weird feeling.

When I hear people crying and whining about their first world problems I think about the universe with everything in it and people in wheelchairs and all of their problems go away.