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Explain: "Can they escape with certainty?".

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5/1/2016 3:27:17 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
The question is: "Can they escape with certainty?"
The "they" in the question refers to two prisoners.

What exactly is the question asking? (Please choose a or b)
a) The question is asking whether the two prisoners themselves can be certain of their own escape.
b) The question is asking if WE (the audience whom the question is being asked to) can be certain the two prisoners will escape if they use a certain strategy.
c) The question "Can they escape with certainty?" is a grammatically broken question even in context, thus we should not read any meanings out of it.

I am trying to prove that a logic puzzle video made a mistake.
This is the web link to the debate discussion just in case you need to know the context the question is used in.
Scroll down to the comments section, and it will show up as the first comment.