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\\===***== DK/TUF Tl:Dr ==***===//

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5/5/2016 4:19:22 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
The Too Long: Didn't Read for the Official DK/TUF Ticket...

Official Announcement: TBA
Official AMA:

\\===***== PHILOSOPHY ==***===//

The Philosophy of the Ticket is to create a Presidency that promotes a community that creates it's own activity, instead of having the Administration create the activity. The Ticket also aims to be a force for organizing the discussion of major reforms and rules as to best evade drama and promote strong discussion. The Ticket will also aim to build a presidency with Legitimate Purpose.

\\===***== PLATFORM ==***===//

** Voting Reform

We're going to work with the Mods to create a thread listing the rules of Vote Moderation for everyone to see with ease, while reforming the current system to be extremely option-friendly to users. Voters/Debaters shouldn't be forced into a one-fits-all system where no one really agrees on what standards are right. It's the user's debate, and they should be in charge of what standards are used to vote on that debate.

** Elective Administration

The Presidency would replace a personally selected Administration with one where most members are elected by the community as issues come and go. If a discussion over X Reform comes up, all sides involved would elect a representative to defend their side. The representatives would work with the community and the presidency to evade drama and promote fair discussion.

** Spark the Social/Entertainment Side of DDO

We hope to make use of the DDO Facebook page to promote DDO activities and events, and to reach older/potential members. We would also collaborate with other sites/groups to host more events, competitions, and activities.

The Ticket would promote the rise of new game hosts, fanfiction writers, and others, as well of the creation of new Forum Games altogether.

\\===***== SUB-PLATFORM ==***===//

** Granting the Presidency Legitimacy

We want to fix the biggest problem Abolitionists have with the presidency... A lack of purpose. Some efforts to do this is to give the President/VP the responsibility of managing things that don't otherwise function under general community control, but would benefit the community a lot, like the DDO Facebook Page. As well as give him the role of community representative to other groups and sites DDO can collaborate with.

** Contacting Juggle

We hope to actually visit Juggle. However, we intend on helping the community make DDO great with or without their help.

\\===***== FINAL REMARKS ==***===//

The DK/TUF ticket will not engage in Drama. If a conversation falls into drama, we will stop responding. If you intend to support our ticket, do it politely. If you are going to attack others without warrant and create drama, we don't want your support.

I will be buying a Mic in order to broadcast actual messages during most announcements, and all Presidential Updates. Along with the mic, I will be hosting actual videos (featuring actual footage of me). I won't be a President who talks to the site from behind a username/profile page.

So if you want to see how ugly I am, vote DK/TUF!

\\===***== END ==***===//
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