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Jerry947 *VS* ThinkBig - Christian God Exists

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6/22/2016 1:45:59 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
This is an RFD, brought to you by the voter's union, for the debate:

Jerry947 (Pro) *VS* ThinkBig (Con)
Does the Christian god exist?


Pro provided specific definitions for "Christian god" being "The god described by the bible," so this is the god that Pro must affirm and that Con must negate.
Therefore the only arguments I will consider will be those that impact this particular god's existence.

While I have debated this topic many times prior, and I've even debated this with one of the debaters, I assure you that my assessment of debate performance/convincing arguments will be unbiased, and that I'm understanding this debate with a clean slate, "tabula rasa."

I will not be voting on conduct or spelling and grammar, and I will only give source points if it dramatically impacted how convincing a central-to-the-resolution point is.
Most likely, I will only vote arguments.