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DDOlympics Long Form Story Submission

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9/20/2016 11:53:25 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
This is my DDOlympics Long Form Story ( The story is called Batman Fanfic.

Part 1 - Batman MEETS Lord of the Rings
In the darkness of that night, away from the preying eyes and ears of those who would judge, some strangers slipped by unnoticed.

But they were not strangers, they knew each-other. And they knew each-other much closer then any of their friends did realize.
They knew each-other both inside and out. But their friends did not know this. Their friends could not know. Their friends should not know this.
Nor could they know. Because it was night, and thus away from their viscous, judging eyeballs.

"Is it safe?" said the first stranger, who was not a stranger to the other stranger but will remain a stranger to us for the moment.

"I think so. Its dark so none of the others should see us here, even if they are nearby. I think our secret is safe."

"Good. I couldn't take their judgement right now. My life is too stressful as it is. If it wasn't for you I don't know what Id do - other then kill myself of course."
"Don't worry Batman, I will always be here for you - waiting in the dark"
"Thanks, The long haired woman. I will always be in the dark for you too"

With that the two shadows embraced - an embracement in the night full of kissing and nighttime joys.
This is the story of one loan heroes struggle to overcome to the forces of evil. This industructable heroes name: Batman!!!"

For a moment time seemed to slowed down. Batman wondered why. The greatest detective alive turned around slowly (due to the time seeming to have slowed down).
Then the explanation - The long haired woman was secretly looking at him. Looking at him in that special way.
Bruce Waynes soul lit up like a beacon in the night - even though it was day.

In all of this. In all of this mess. They had eachother, even if eachother was the only ones that knew.
The long haired woman turned away at that moment - Time jumped back to normal as The greatest detective alive was no longer transfixiated by The beautiful woman.
Fortunately no one else had noticed.
Arwen was taking a shower this hot day.
She was washing the blood off her body from the recent monsters she had just killed.
The blood driped off like whipped cream on glass. .
She was also singing "THE TIME OF MY LIFE" , which was her favorite song for these moments.

Then, suddenly, Batman paraglided in.
"Sorry I have to interupt you, naked in the shower, but we must go!"
"What? im taking a shower, I am indecent!, this bathing costum barely concils my legs, cant you see that? I am as good as naked!"
the billionair could see that she was completely naked in the shower.
"yes, I can see that you are naked, in the shower" Bruce Wayne said.
"But we must go...The Joker is back!."
"What not The Joker!!!" she punched the shower head out of blood lust.
Arwen got out of the shower and put some clothes on.She wore a dress the same color as her eyes her father brought her from the city.
After she was no longer naked, they left to defeat The Joker.

Along the way they summoned Gollum, who joined them on their quest.
"I will join you on your quest to defeat The Joker said Gollum.
"Thanks for joining us on our quest," said Batman;
"Yes, we need your help to defeat The Joker" said Arwen.
So, Arwen Batman and now Arwen left by rocket for their epic quest to defeat the prince of all uglyness ......
The Joker!
Our sad adventurers walked backwards into the jaws of certain death that hasnt happened yet.

Uncountable old ladys past before they reached climax
"Oh, look, we are at our destination we had to arrive to!"

Now, how to find him? We know he has a hanger, but theres so many!"
"Wait!", said Gollum.
"I have worked it out. Remember the secret note? Its a code to tell us the address! Look, see I solved it.
The solution was very clever, and it all made sense.
"Wow, I could have never worked that out, well done"
"Yes, well done indeed"
Gollum blushed, making him look hansome.

So they went to the base.
As they entered there was lots of Minionss.
So they swung back their trenchcoats and murdercided them all with their concealed oziss of awesome.
They steped over the dead bodys and made their way forward past the blood and guts they sprayed over the walls just moments before. Cat Woman vometted in disgustand blood came out.
"Lets take the ventalation shaft!"
"Thats a good plan, so we can sneak to the roof undetected"
So they got into the ventilation shaft.

The passage was narrow, so they bleed a bit to squeeze past. They traveled upto the roof, ver the ducks, thus avoiding the security systems because they are smart.
We are here, said the Dark Knight crawling out the duck, and putting his shirt on.
Some time later in their secret hide-away ;

"I am glade we found a way to survive all that and still be together"
"Yes, our plan seems to have worked despite all the events"
"Do you think anyone spotted us?"
Gollum emerged from the shadows of the darkness.
"I know everything" he said.
Bruce Wayne and The long haired woman gasped. Their secret was finally revealed!

"I dont love The half-elven woman like you do" said Gollum "but I have always lusted a bit after them. So you see if The beautiful woman spends the night with me - I will never tell anyone."
The greatest detective alive breathed a sigh of relief. That was, after all, a reasonable request. They agreed to the bargain.
"Phwee...thats something we can go along with" said The black haired woman relieved.
Gollum was happy, and Bruce Wayne and The beautiful woman thus got to live happily ever after together. With no one but Gollum and themselves ever knowing.
"So you have come" said a voice booming from the sky
A jump-jet appeared above them.
The Joker laughed at them from it.
"Ha Ha Ha Ha"
"I could gun you all down from here with my lazer gun, but I would rather do this...personal style."
he leaped down and landed at the far side of the rooftop
"Ready?" he said, still laughing.

Batman removed his shirt and flexed his abs.
"Yes. I am ready. I was born ready."
With that they leaped at eachother, metaphorical guns blazzing (which were littoral mortorss).
"I kill you dead"
The Joker head butted the Dark Knight in the chest
Blood splashed onto the floor.
Batman fell backwards in pain punching a few times before crashing to the ground.
"Ha Ha Ha Ha" laughed The Joker
"You could never have defeated me, so why did you even try?"
"I had too, for all that is good and just in the world."
"Well now you will die. Goodbye."
The Joker leaned over Bruce holding a large rock.

"Quick Bruce Wayne use this!" said Gollum ,chucking a nearby hand mirror towards the greatest detective alive.
Batman grabbed it and chucked it towards The Joker hard, knocking him the edge of the tall palace they were on!
"Goodbye, The Joker have a nice fall!"
Some blood sprayed up and splashed on them.
"We are safe now, he fell to certain doom."
Gollum and Commissioner Gordon got out from the bush where they were cuddleing. "Thank you, you saved us all"
"Dont mention it."
But then! The Joker appeared! He had landed in his jump-jet that was nearby!
"I will get you next time! I will kill you all!"
To Be Continued!
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9/20/2016 11:53:49 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
Part 2 - Batman VS the Joker
Later, once they were alone and away from the others, The greatest detective alive met with Catwoman in a nearby mansion
They had been meeting like this awhile now, often in the evenings or at night.
A deep friendship had struck up after their previous adventures, but they kept it hidden as they didn't know what the others would think.
They often did some talking, some scowling, maybe a few board games.
They were quite close friends by now.

This particular night they were shearing secrets with eachother. Telling eachother things neither had told anyone else before. Things that not a single soul knew.

"Then there was that time I...Destroyed Batmans gideons bible!"
"oh, Batman! thats positively evil! and I should know!"
They both laughed. The night had been full of stories like this. The time Catwoman blackmailed a a Economist. Or the time The billionair fooled a Biochemist into thinking it was the end of the world.. Endless stories shared just between them and no one else.
It was making them closer.
Closer then The Dark Knight had ever thought possible.
As Bruce Wayne was telling another story, He thought He saw Catwoman examining Him. Looking with..was that longing?
nah...couldn't be.
The moment was over and they departed eachothers company.
The greatest detective alive felt something had changed that night, but wasn't sure what.
A long long time ago, far far away,in a magical land, the legendary Joker gas was forged....

The greatest detective alive at that moment felt in his pocket. Thats strange there was a note.
It said He should rendezvous at the demolished beach at sunset...and he should bring The greatest detective alive Jr.

Batman kept this secret as it was clearly just for Him.
Today was the day of the big scowling contest.
The world championship!
The Dark Knight and Robin had made it into the final after a intensive competition which Batman won easily.

"I am really proud of you the greatest detective alive! You were amazing!", said Catwoman.
"You too Jason Todd you were also reasonable. "
"Gosh thanks Catwoman" said Robin

Batman was still practicing scowling as they walked along. They were taking a tour of the scowling-ing Arena to prepare for the big day tomorrow.

"Oh, look who it is, its the pathetic Batman and his pathetic friends. Your all pathetic! "

It was The Joker!

"What are you doing here The Joker?" Batman said gruffly.
"Why I am here for the contest."
"Wahhhhaa?" said Robin and Catwoman.
"Yes I am taking part. I am going to win the world scowling medal and there's nothing you pathetic people can do to stop me! "
With that The Joker marched off.

"The Joker is taking part in the contest! I didn't know he even did it."
"He didn't. He must have learnt over the summer" said the greatest detective alive "But....why?" he then queried quizzically.
"I dont know" said Robin ignorantly. He didn't know the billionair was asking a rectangular question.
"I guess we will find out tomorrow"

With that they all went back to their rooms in the arena's hotel.

(Fade out)

The next day, the Dark Knight was day dreaming.

Batman thought back to all the times he vanished mid-conversation when Commissioner Gordon wasn't looking.
He got fun out of doing that.
Or would have, if Batman had fun. Batman doesnt have fun though, because he is Batman.

Catwoman snapped him out of it by bursting into his room.(They were naked.btw. But that's not important right now - A/N)

"Batman! The contest starts soon! Your late! Robin and The Joker have already changed into their scowlinging kits! "
"Oh, nooes I over slept! Thats not like me at all. "

Bruce Wayne got dressed on the way down stairs, and skidding into the Arena.
The audience was already there and he got a big appose as he entered.

" made it I seee. Had a nice night?" The Joker sneered.

At that moment the greatest detective alive realized he had been drugged! That explained the strange dreams last night. The Joker must have drugged him while they were talking the other day.
It was too late to do anything about it though. He had to hope there was no more surprises.
The starter walked on at that moment, told them to get ready.
The Joker grinned at hero. Showing all their evil teeth
"Blam!" The starter fired the starting flintlock revolver and the contest had begun!

Robin took the early lead, but Batman quickly caught up with the scowlinging. Robin was sweating like mad trying to stay in the contest.
The Joker was relaxed though - barely scowlinging at all!

"Whats he upto? Its like he is not even trying"
"And why does he care anyway? He always said scowling was stupid "
"I know, somethings not right" said the billionair while pulling of a particularly difficult scowling move.
Just then disaster striked!
There was a loud bang BANG! and Robin collapsed.
The greatest detective alive scowlinged backwards for a bit.

"Robin! Are you ok?"
"urg...sabotage..." Robin collapsed.
"who did it?"
"It was..." Robin collapsed.
"Who did it? Who...?"

The Joker grinned.


Just then the gong went. It was half-time.

As Robin was carried taken to hospital by bi-plane, Batman and Catwoman retired to the locker room.
The Joker was already there, still grinning.

"Oh what a shame. Robin isn't going to compete any more. Even doing nothing I'm going to come second. You know...I might just let you win..out of my....generosity... " The Joker sniggered again.

With that The Joker left out the backdoor.

"Gosh darn-it" Catwoman said. "The Joker drives me mad! "
"You know, I think he had something to do with Robins accident "

The greatest detective alive was thinking. hard.

"The Joker is never generous. Lack of generosity is his number one defining characteristic. Well, that and evil"
"That means..." said Catwoman, her slow cogs working.
"...he wants to come second!" said Batman, thinkingly.
"Do you think thats..."
"....because he wants the second prize medal!" said Batman, winning again.
"It must be because the second prize is really Joker gas "
"Yes, now that Iook at the second prize I notice it now. Its clearly the Joker gas"
"That explains why someone would want to become second!"

"So we have to beat The Joker by being the best at coming second? How are we going to do have never lost before! "
"I know" said the billionair. "I am not sure I know how"
"You got to though. Just this once you got to come second!"
"No I cant. But I have an could compete!"
"Me?" said Catwoman, surprised. "Do they even allow girls like me to do scowling?
"Yes, its a modern contest, a few girls have already competed. I'll win the contest as normal, and you will come second. You can do this!"
"Ok Batman, I'll do it. I'll do it for you"

Then the Gong went again, the final leg of the scowling contest had begun!

"Why are you looking at me like that? Its almost like your want me badly. Ha Ha!" Bruce chuckled.

"You're my one true friend, The billionair, probably the best one I've had in a long time. I like talking to you, hanging out with you, and I even love listening to you sing.

"You're touching me. That's not considered appropriate behavior," The greatest detective alive whispered, His bottom lip trembling while His limbs felt frozen.

"Maybe not. But I don't think you're going to stop me." The billionair's eyes fluttered shut when He felt Catwoman's fingers touch the skin of His lower back. But He forced them open again and stared into Catwoman's pretty eyes.

"I should stop you." Bruce Wayne knew He should. This was Catwoman. Catwoman! Could He dare wreck their close friendship? And what about their destiny? But that didn't bother Bruce Wayne nearly as much.

"Stop me," Catwoman said, and made it sound like a dare.
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9/20/2016 11:54:10 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
Batman was all set to give Catwoman a glare, but it faded away when He got his first real look at Catwoman.I mean sure, Bruce Wayne had seen Catwoman before, but not REALLY seen them. Not with these new eyes which The greatest detective alive now had. His eyes had been opened.Like He was seeing for the first time.Like the wool was no longer over His eyes.

In point of fact, Batmans mouth went a little slack and there may have been some drool.
It dripped on Catwoman.

They kissed eachother softly.

After they had finished - with big grins on their faces and embarrassed, they decided to go home and never speak of this again

"Catwoman and Batman stepped into the arena again.
The tension was high, like a tree, high.
Batman could feel it. Catwoman COULD FEEl it.The Joker could feel it. The crowd could feel it. (A/N - I bet you can feel it too!).
This contest was about to get real!

"Good luck" said The Joker snearingly at them.
"Maybe you will even win" he said while laughing manically.

"I know what your upto ...and that's why Catwoman is also going to compete! You will never come second The Joker!"

"Yes, that right I am competing!" said Catwoman while climbing into her scowling-ing outfit.(She had been in her underwear till this point , but now happily stripped nude as she didnt mind the crowd watching)

"It doesn't matter you will still lose"

"You mean she will come second?"

"Yes. At coming second. She will lose at coming second."

"NEVER" screamed Catwoman! Just as the starters musket went of.

With that everyone started scowling-ing frantically.This went on for the normal 5 hours. It was a tight contest, the crowd was on the edge of their seats. The Joker and Catwoman were sweating oceans of wetness.
It was getting near the end now and The Joker could see he was losing. Suddenly he whipped out his ................ slingshot and used it on Catwoman at point blank range.
Catwomaner collapsed. It was only a mild blow but it was enough to put her out of the contest.
Batman rushed back.
"Are you ok!?!"
"You have to come second. Its our only hope now"
Batman turned to the contest judge but they had been looking the other way and saw nothing.

"Ha! See you cant defeat my cunning!" said The Joker.
"No I'll beat you! I beat you good like a song with a good beat like Wannabe!" said Batman who was starting to do scowling again frantically.
"Thats not a good song" said The Joker who was right.(A/N - Because, seriously, thats the truth!).
"I'll beat you anyway"
They argued as they scowlinged, and the crowd was still on the edge of their seats. (A/N - Their sexy buts must be pretty uncomfortable lol)
Suddenly Bruce Wayne slowed down!

"Ha!" said The Joker he went past the finish line!
"I've won I've won!! I've won the world scowlinging champion contest!"
"Yes. And I've...come second" said Batman.
" tricked me into winning!" said The Joker upset.
(A/N - What a twist!!).
But it was too late The Joker got the first prize award and Batman got the second place award...which was really Joker gas!

The Joker left the arena with his first prize sad and depressed to go back alone to his basement.The Dark Knight triumphant took the second place prize.....the first he had ever got.....and run held it up to the crowd who cheered like mad but they didn't really know why.
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9/21/2016 12:03:38 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
FYI: No, this isn't a real story or submission. It was made with the amazing fanfic maker.
We, homo sapiens of the planet Earth, are the people of, an online debating website owned by Juggle, and will aspire to increase the quality of debates, polls, mafia on said website, to be sufficient, meeting high standards of success and satisfaction in all areas, to consider it as "great", or superb and spectacular, again for the first time in years