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Nuclear Weapons, and the Law of Probability

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11/26/2016 9:24:29 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
I look at these Arsenals we've got, supposedly thousands or something, and I'm not really one to worry about things, but sh!t happens. I feel as though a nuclear strike is an inevitability at some point and these "world leaders" making claim of world balance aren't leaders at all, but reactionaries without principle. What good could possibly come of a weapon who's deadly effects are measured in kilometers? What's going to happen on the day when everything lines up against us? I feel as though its only a matter of time. Why would we want to be on the side advocating for nuclear arsenals? What if we launch them....imagine, your own country launching a weapon so destructive that it is nearly unable to NOT take innocent lives.

Somewhere some people will slip up and the wrong weapons will get in the hands of the wrong people. Death by Murphy.