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Italian weapons in Libya

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5/10/2011 6:27:18 AM
Posted: 6 years ago
There have been stories coming out of Libya that the Italian's have agreed to sand weapon's shipments to the rebels. These stories have been confirmed by the rebels and spokesmen for Colonel Gaddafi. The weapons haven't been delivered as of yet and there are still some controversial issues that have to be dealt with.

The UN Arms embargo is one of these issues the legality of sending these weapons is still in question a Rebel spokesman is quoted as saying "The resolution 1973 clearly states that we can receive arms to defend ourselves." Normally this would be a clear cut issue but there was another embargo passed in February this year. This embargo states specifically that "no weapons, military training or equipment can be sent to either the Libyan government or rebel forces. I am not sure what the point if this second embargo was. As they allowed Gaddafi to hire mercenaries don't understand it's ok to buy guns as long as you buy people to use them as well. This action seems very one sided as one side has a big advantage to begin with.

Both Russia and China have bought up in regards to the supposed legality of this as they are already questioning the bombing of the house in Tripoli. This is fair enough as these were essentiality breaches of the "No fly zone" by UN aircraft. Weather you believe that they deserved to die or not are up to you to decide. This did also lead to reprisal attacks in the city of Misratah. Government aircraft bombed fuel tanks in this city leading to numerous civilian dead. So as far as a practical no fly zone this seem to be a moot point as neither side is really respecting it. It is interesting to note that both Russia and China are two of the world biggest arms manufactures in the world. They may simply be using their influence as permanent members of the UN securities council in order to try and stop Italy undercutting their prices. This point is reinforced by this statement by one of the rebel leaders that they were currently in talks with France in order to acquire more weapons. Interestingly enough the U.S.A is completely ok with the secretary of state Hillary Clinton even going as far as to say there "could be a legitimate transfer of arms if a country should choose to do that". This basically means that if any country wants to give the rebels we won't shoot you planes out of the sky or stop you boats. This links to two off topic issues which are the US saying to the UN this is how it is going to be done and wanting to limit their involvement it the Libyan conflict.

One of the more interesting and controversial issue that is has brought ups is the funds that the rebels will be using to perches these weapons. The rebels are planning to use donation that were made to them for mall around the world for arms purchases. This has angered certain groups who state that this money was meant for strictly humanitarian purposes. There are two really clear sides to this argument one is the people saying that this money was intended to help people and not lead to deaths. The other side of this argument is being made mostly be the people on the ground in Libya. This argument is that without weapons the rebels will be slaughtered by the highly trained and equipped mercenaries who are working for Gaddafi.

These are just my opinions what are yours?

Cheers Alec