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News that screams what-the-f*ckery

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6/20/2009 7:58:06 PM
Posted: 8 years ago
At 6/20/2009 7:54:58 PM, theLwerd wrote:
Do not try this at home.

I was about to do that, but due to your wise advise and reasoning, I have decided not to.

But then again, why does it matter? We will all die eventually, and what is done to us while we live will be forgotten by us when we die and eventually by society as well. So, what's the point?
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6/21/2009 9:08:53 AM
Posted: 8 years ago
In the US, if you want to foster or adopt a child you are, quite rightly, thoroughly vetted and monitored.

However, if I went over to America and put some drunk old slapper on a project up the duff and then did a runner back to good old Blighty and my child was subsequently born into a single parent family consisting of my former sexual partner and her escaped convict lover who were holed up in a crack house, the authorities would have little say over the matter until it was too late.

Maybe natural parents should also be vetted before they are allowed to leave the maternity ward with the baby?

Or maybe the US Immigration Department should just refuse me an entry visa? (!)
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