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Who is Mr. Premier?

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11/1/2012 7:37:02 AM
Posted: 5 years ago
Americans and Europeans are heaping praises on victory of Georgian democracy and 'mysterious' character of Ivanishivili.
Imho nothing mysterious at all. Zebras, yoga, pieces of art are for cutting a dash. That's nothing of note. But public recommendation for Saakashvili's immediate resignation right at once after his becoming a premier that is notable. It turns out that we've invested quite a sums into this bedraggled backward country for keeping transit corridor for energy supply and military craft-loads and holding Russian south border and we've got some dark horse instead of obedient Misha. And this rich jackanapes has been already trying to dictate his terms. He's still been haggling with our ambassador in Tbilisi Mr. Norland twice a day. Once cunning Georgian announces about his intentions of making friends with Russians, later he tells innocently that it would be nice to reconsider some Georgian strategic and economical agreements with USA and EU in Georgian Parliament. But every time all those interviews come to handover of power from Saakashvili to this democratic baron. Here in Foggy Bottom our big chiefs are almost scared of next scribe's reports of those conversations. But clearly this capricious Georgian sob has already grabbed an edge of Saakashvili's throne. And he doesn't intend to let it go.