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Weird news article 1

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12/4/2013 8:12:18 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
I'm going to start doing something that's not trolling, and it's news related. It might also be good for the funny section sometimes, but I can't guarantee anything. I don't make the news... Most of the time, and I also don't report it. I just kind of re-report it. So it has to go through a port, a report, and then it gets to me for the re-report. Anyway, here is today's news story. So I'm probably going to post regularly in an irregular timing. Shall we begin?


Thieves steal 100 calendars in unusual mall heist
December 4
The Associated Press

BUFORD, Ga. " Someone made off with $2,000 worth of calendars for 2014 in an unusual heist at the Mall of Georgia.

Some of the 100 calendars in the mall kiosk portrayed men and women scantily clothed, such as the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, WSB Radio reported ( ).

They were replaced by signs objecting to how women were portrayed in the calendars, such as one that proclaimed: "Women are people not fantasies." Another stated "Should've gone with the puppies."

The theft happened Saturday at the mall northeast of Atlanta, one of the state's largest. Owner Jessica Roy described the suspects as a young couple. About a dozen signs were left on the empty racks that held the calendars, she said.

"They were pre-printed signs (and) all the messages on the signs basically say the same thing that they just didn't agree with basically having the human body as meat on display," Roy told the Atlanta radio station.

Roy said the theft likely means that she won't be able to give her employees bonuses as the end of the year.

"They're on consignment, but I'm responsible for them," she said. "Not only do I sign a security deposit, which now I'll lose, I'm also responsible for any merchandise that's missing."

The store owner is offering a reward for the return of the calendars or information leading to an arrest.

"I'm pretty forgiving. you want to bring them back crumpled and wet and soggy and put them in a box or bag and leave them for me, that's fine," she said. "I can write off damaged products; I can't write off missing product."

Information from: WSB-AM,

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