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NORAD's Santa tracker with fighter jet escort

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12/4/2013 1:30:47 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Apparently this year there is going to be a fighter jet escort for santa.
I personally want to see santa put in a life and death dogfight with Chinese fighter pilots over the disputed airspace near Japan.
Maybe santa gets hit, ejects and parachutes into the frigid sea with shrapnel torn through his leg. From there it's a race against the clock to rescue santa before the Chinese or North Koreans get their hands on him and put him to work building nukes.
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12/4/2013 10:57:42 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
This has been going on since I was little (when it was then admittedly very exciting).

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I said to myself, "This too is meaningless."
For the wise, like the fool, will not be long remembered;
the days have already come when both have been forgotten.
Like the fool, the wise too must die!
- Ecclesiastes 2:14-16